smart phone

Hey smart phone

Let’s check your IQ

You let us down when we needed you most 

We thought you were smarter than that 

We know 

it was the other guy 

We won’t speak his name 

Son of a Very questionable line 

He must have skipped town

Riding the wind 

I’ve looked to you every morning for years 

Habitual surfing the waves of your net

Throwing hours away 

Precious time 


While you were sleeping I looked to the stars 

I didn’t know they lived so near 

They were there all along but my eyes were always down

Now that you’re back I don’t feel the same way

It’s not you 

it’s me

I’ll miss your sexy robot voice 


You don’t hold the power I thought you did 

even at full charge 

While you were away we had to rely on more than just you 

We knocked on doors

We never do that 

We talked face to face 

You didn’t butt in 

We like how that felt 

We listened with care 

That connection was real 

The signals were strong

We had the power

Not you 

You’re just a tool, but we’d forgotten the job 

There’s plenty to do that does not include you 

Your failure helped us more than you know



not ready

I’m not ready to go back

I forgot how to live in that place

I feel the numbness coming back

Like black mold knocking at the door

The hyper focus fleeing

He gave us purpose



Warring Mother Nature

Knowing she’d already won

Gave us something we never had before

I’ll miss the gift of presence

It showed us who we really are

Or who we want to be

I hope the scars remind us

Help us still to see





l failed 

I let the ice bag in the cooler melt

The last bag

with the knot still tied 

Like an invisible goldfish won at the county fair 


He just wanted a couple days off work 

He got more than a couple 

At least nobody was hurt

What exactly do you think hurt means?

This is pain

Thousands of paper cuts 

From all the pining 

Small and  severe

Salt water flooding from the eyes 

Fuels the burn 

The real storm surge 

More than trees and rooves were broken


The loudest crack came from all the breaking hearts 

now laying by the road

In time, we’ll sort out whose is whose

On that day we’ll say  

I think this one’s yours

Have you seen mine?

It’s small and blue

For now we live with borrowed hearts 

Brought across the county lines 

More than relief are in those trucks 

They’re hauling hearts and minds 

I snuck my pain in your pile 

Cause it was bigger 

I thought it could hide there


My pool blew away today

After I installed it myself cause

the regular guy was afraid of heights 

October stolen 

Haunting winds reminders of wounds never scabbed 

Praying blue bandaids hold 

Another race against the clock 

Northwest Florida 

Big Sky Country 

Big Cry Country 

#850 wrong 


Leave a message after the 

911 what’s your emergency?

Help is on the way 

Stay on the line with me 

Are you still here?

Can you hear me?





She didn’t cry


She saw his eyes

They found the fur babies

He hugged her like that

She didn’t cry


The blue tarp failed

The burner phone broke

She saw the crib

He didn’t cry


He heard his mother’s voice

His kids were asleep

He ran out of gas in the gas line

He didn’t cry


Most of his students moved away

The mortgage came

He saw his papa on the porch

They didn’t cry


They saw the school

They lost two of their own

The lights came on

They didn’t cry


They got the news

They learned they weren’t alone

They came together




trick or treat


Butterflies light on
Mom’s floral dress on the pile.
Vultures of beauty.

Saviors in white hats 
atop their robot giraffes.

Ding Dong. Trick or Treat.
Wearing their only costumes.
Not afraid to ask.





Hey little guys

Got a minute?

You look so busy

I hate to bother you


I thought maybe you could help us

You’ve done this before


Seems you’re always rebuilding

The wind and rain are not your friends

Yeah we know how that feels

What ya got there?

Looks heavy

Need some help?

Oh wait

Here comes your friend

Y’all family?

You’re right

it doesn’t matter

Just curious

I like how y’all work together

Everyone playing their part


Sometimes it’s hard to know

What to do

What to say

How to feel

You know?

The job seems impossible

Where do you even start?

The big stuff is easier

It’s the little stuff that’s making me crazy


Hey where ya going?

No thanks

I’d love to come in but I’d never fit

Okay okay okay

Here goes

TiGhT SqUeEze



This is impressive

I’ve never seen this side of things

I never dreamed it took this much work


Who’s She?

Hey wait up


You’re right

I should go

Lots to do

Every little bit helps

They’ll never believe what I’ve seen

Thanks for the Antswers

Sorry I had to

It helps

You gotta laugh

or cry

or you might burst

You know?

Thanks for the chat




where are you from?

Where are you from?

Is it where you were born?

Where you were raised?

Where you walked a stage?

Where you made a vow?

Where you made a family? Blood or Found

Where you laid a loved one to rest? Or two

What if your answers have many names?

Then, where are you from?

Hard to say for some

The questions above mark moments of change

Moments of growth

Growth is usually slow

Hard to see


Sometimes change is quick

Painfully so

Like a slash

Like a crack

Like a rip

Like a gash


Just maybe

You’re from the place of your greatest change

Where you can grow the most

The growth will be slow

Much slower than the wounding



Just maybe

You’re finally home



surely safe is more than alive

Surely safe means more than alive

What about secure?

A standard of living higher than breathing

I can’t lock my missing door

I’m so glad you have power now

Forgive my lack of glee

Our walls still are caving in

That’s all that we can see

You don’t have your WiFi yet?

What an effin shame

Get your ass across the bridge

You’ll see it’s not a game

We all fell down from mighty wind

For all that’s plain to see

But you have the means to rise again

Guess what? Not me.

Check your privilege at the door

I see you have one there

For those of us down below

It’s hard enough to bear

Thank you for your Sunday prayers

You know we have those too

They don’t really cost that much

They’re more valuable to you

So write your clever poems

Collect your thumbs and hearts and tears

You know where we are and what we need

Care to face your fears?



you might be living in the panhandle

You might be living in the panhandle

If the only thing shady in your neighborhood are the out of state contractors

If you’ve got less bars than Salt Lake City

You might be living in the panhandle

If mellow and yellow don’t make you think of soda

If you cry at the drop of a hat. No. I mean an actual hat

You might be living in the panhandle

If you’ve given so many hugs your arms are starting to chafe

If you’re dating your FEMA guy

You might be living in the panhandle

If you made a fort out of the extra cases of water and considered living in it

If you walked the dog today and you don’t own a dog

You might be living in the panhandle

If you have the best Dr. Shane impersonation on your block

If you plan to rename your three kids A, T & T

You might be living in the panhandle

If you….

sit in the dark because it seems wrong to use your new lights

If you’re not sure it’s okay to laugh when others are still where you were

If you tell your kids it will all be okay, but you aren’t sure if it’s true

You might be living in the panhandle

If you have new friends that are like family that you didn’t even know three weeks ago

If you want more than anything for things to return to normal and also fear that they will

You might be living in the panhandle

You ARE living in the panhandle

You are not alone



you’re not a writer

You’re not a writer

So why do you write?

I never had anything to say

Written words my only constant routine since routine was blown away

A daily dose of order

A kind of chaos cure

Hauling away my empty words and piling them next to yours

Collecting scatted letters

Giving them a home

By day it’s the hammer by night it’s the pen

Until our writers are writers again

The only letters that remained THEatRE

The S and the S

I wanted to wedge in the O

A mountain of mattresses
where’s the princess and her pea?

She’s driving the truck that hauls them away

What used to seem logs are now merely twigs

Also the inverse is true

Pick up the tools you find on your lawn whether yours or no

You’re able to do more than you think

There’s no wrong way to start when you have the Will

We’re building a home one brick at a time

Times two

Times two

Times two