39 weeks

9 months today

39 weeks

Michael’s children almost due

More than 39 weeps

More than 39 leaks

We’re expecting a rain event today

Depression is topical

Call it tropical or storm

Both have the P, the T, the S and the D

Maybe we’re just recycling those tears

Consuming our own

Don’t sleep where you



And tell me how is your fam?

Less blues on the rooves


His tarp is a sieve

Her attic’s in view

Rents higher than spring breakers ‘02

Stop counting the days

Start clearing the haze

Why do I know it was a Wednesday?




I’ve almost forgotten

The song of constant chainsaws

Choosing between gas or charging the phone 

Seeing stars from my yard

I’ve almost forgotten

What used to be on that corner

Asking over and over, “Y’all okay?”

The quiver in her voice when we finally got through on broken lines

I’ve almost forgotten

I don’t want to forget

I want to forget

I don’t want to forget

I want to forget

I’ve almost forgotten





What have we got?

We’ve got

Less builders than building 
More rubble than rooves

We’ve got

Front yard camping
People living in cars

Forrests that are kindling
Time bombs of flaming fear

We’ve got

More patients than patience
Less doctors than docks

Condoms on our chimneys
Cause we’re still getting screwed

We’ve got

Elephants blaming Asses
Donkeys blaming Derms

Grandstanding politicians
Walking like cocks

The only shade we’re getting is from
Those elected to serve

We’ve got each other
But more leave every day

Now a new season is here
What do you say?



His demons are back
They were with him before the storm
But he used to hide them in the trees
Now that’s not an option

She yelled at some rubble today
Not sure why she did it
Maybe because that spot had been cleared
Guess that building was not done purging

He sits in his car outside the office
Trying to get up the nerve to face the day
He’s handling the big stuff
But a small thing might make him crack

She has no passion for the things
that used to make her whole
Is this just the way it is now?
She’s not willing to consider that



broken & growing

The death toll was low
Unless we consider your kinfolk

Too many to count
Takes our breath away

You barely survived
Wind whipped
Your arms torn away
Torso cracked
Heart broken

Not a willow yet we see your sticky tears
All that remains is a sickening stump
jagged and jarring

We should put you out of your misery
Call Bob
That cat can do the job

What’s this?

A tiny bud
It’s not spring
You’re confused
Or in shock
Maybe both

We thought we’d lost you
You’re blooming out of season

You’re putting all your energy into
the promise of tomorrow

Is this a last hoorah or a full recovery?
Hard to know

Either way
It’s beautiful and bold

Broken and growing
That’s what you are

You’re not alone
Show us the way




Some days I am a severed stump
Some days a table top

Some days I see obliterate
Some days a start that’s fresh

Some days I want to lead the charge
Some days I cannot move

Some days I want to run away
Some days I’ll never leave

Some days I see a sea of stumps
Some days they’re lily pads

Some days I weigh 800 lbs
Some days I’m light as air

Some days I see a jagged scar
Some days a blooming bud

Some days I get lost on the road
Some days a new way home

Some days I hear the banging nails
Some days reminding winds

Some days I can carry you
Some days please carry me

Some days
Some daze
Sum days
Sum daze

Someday we’ll be okay again
Some days we never will

Some days




I found you growing by the curb
in the middle of a yard scar
left by the grabber truck

I never even noticed you 
until you smiled at me
with your golden bloom

I have so many questions
Why are you growing here?
Why now? What for?
Who planted you?
And why?

I moved you away from the road
closer to the house
to keep you safe
Your roots were shallow
You hadn’t been there long
Yet you were strong and sure

I hope you thrive next to us
like you did in that scar
It would mean the world to us
To grow beside you




He knew what to do
when it was life and death
But now that it’s just life
He’s struggling
He was thriving in the fire
He’s chasing every spark
To try and feel alive again

Her house is fine compared to most
She has a job
Her family’s safe
So why does she feel so broken?
She finds no joy in her favorite things
She wants to help but freezes up
This fog won’t seem to lift

Somehow the roof withstood the wind
The windows bowed but did not break
The dirty water found its way inside
It seeped into the smallest holes
Soaking into inner walls
From the street the house looks fine
Just don’t go inside
It’s an empty shell




I used to be a morning person
Never needing an alarm
The promise of the new day
enough to raise me from my rest

But lately
It’s hard to leave the bed cocoon
the comfort shower

It’s cold out there
And that’s the only thing I feel

The rest is numb
A dull hollow ache
Stillborn tears just behind the eyes

I saw the sunset photos
But could only see the fleeing light

Going through the motions
Hoping my inside catches on

I may have peaked too early
This is a marathon not a sprint





How will they remove the debris they cannot see?

How would they even find it?

He’ll never get it to the curb
It’s far too heavy
It’s hidden in his heart
and cluttering his mind

It’s not a job for the grabber truck
That would surely crush him more
It may take a gentler hand

He’d ask for help but
They have enough worries of their own
and They’re far too busy

Her son had his third first day of school today
He said he wasn’t nervous
but he checked his bag a dozen times
Trying to control at least one thing

She dropped him off in the normal spot but he went left not right to a collection of
temporary rooms beside the carcass of a school

She drove off then parked in a panic
She traced his path to make sure he had found his way

He was safe

She shed a tear or three
Proud that her boy had found his way
Surrounded by those that care for him like he was their own

The spray painted signs are gone
The new batch has arrived
They look like the old ones but they’re just vinyl stand-ins
The illusion of wholeness

The debris is leaving but the scars remain
And those are just the ones we can see

Rain shouldn’t make you cry