truth is

I didn’t do anything
I didn’t comment
on your ugly post
because you support
my favorite non-profit
and they need the money.
I didn’t publicly endorse
your opponent because
if you won I still
have to work with you.
I didn’t speak up
because she’s old
and set in her ways
and she doesn’t
mean anything by it.
I didn’t put a sign in my yard
because it will just get trashed
or stolen and you might
think twice before letting me
borrow your hedge clippers.
I’m good at making excuses
Truth is
I liked it better
before we wore our politics
on our chest like lapel flags.
Truth is
I liked you better
before I knew your politics,
I know you feel the same.
This vote means more for you,
you’ve got more skin in the game.
No one is threatening to
take away my family
but I love you
and you’re scared,
shouldn’t that be enough?
I didn’t do anything
and that’s the problem.

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