the body knows

Someone texted me
at 4am
That’s never good news
Either someone died
or a fat fingered drunk
thought I was his ex
They had the right number
It was me they were looking for
Someone thought to warn us
that he was coming
and he was strong
Mind numbingly so
A night of sea binging
had made him cross
Gulping warm water
like Gatorade
put a bad taste in his mouth
Maybe someone insulted
his Mother
Heaven knows
Doesn’t matter why
He was coming
And it was too late to leave
We hunkered down
in the cupboard under the stairs
with music and movies
to keep the kids calm
Try and drown out the noise
We waited with
no magic wand
By late afternoon
we were living
in a strange new world
Paradise Lost
Why am I awake
at this hour two years later?
The body knows
The mind recalls
It’s in my bones
Behind my walls

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