your number

What’s your number?
I can’t recall

What’s your number?
The number of people in your group
The number of feet between your friends

The number of likes your meme will get
The number of rolls you’re hoarding

What’s your number?

Now we’re number one
How’s that’s feel?

What’s your number?

The number of weeks with no paycheck
The number of kids in kitchen school

Let’s visit grandma through the glass
She’s sewing front line supplies

What’s your number?
The number of losses you will accept
The one that feels it was worth the cost
One hundred? Two hundred K?

It’s dollars and sense
Until it’s one of your own

Cancelled funerals
Mourning delayed

We should have known
when Disney went dark

What’s your number?

The number of masks they have left
The number of times he pats his own back

It’s April, fool
This ain’t no joke

Instincts say to do more
They’re asking us to do less

Come to your census
Facts and Fears can coexist

We’re coming together by staying apart

Keep Calm and Carry On

What’s your number?
I’d like to call

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