windows & screens

windows and screens

online classes aren’t his thing
right now he has no choice
sitting on the curb of a shuttered store
sapping free WiFi
eating takeout thai

the check’s in the mail they said
she waits six feet from the box
carrier apologizes with his eyes
behind a homemade mask
maybe tomorrow

he comes home from his shift
waves at his babies through the glass
she left his dinner on the step
he’s sleeping in the garage
it’s just too big a risk

wore my underwear on my face
for the tp run
played human frogger with my cart
made my way to checkout 3
new sneeze guard was installed

if their math is right they’ll be ok till may
up at 4am to beat the online cue
to plead their case
with the unemployment man
more tricks than treats this april halloween

he was on the mend
coming home on tuesday
before he was exposed
now she must say goodbye to daddy
on her damn cell phone

we always visit mom on sunday
no plans for stopping now
we’ll picnic on her lawn
while she eats inside
talking through the cell

never talked to my boss
without wearing pants
bob called them mullet meetings
business on top
party below

they’ve been deemed non-essential
but they’ll find a way
they don’t sing cause they want to
it’s how they survive
as sure as vaccine

they grab their pots and pans
a yellow plastic horn
a ragtag band of voices proud
serenading healthcare heroes
coming home from war

virtual feasting
darkest before dawn

every few days
emerging as groundhogs
from our private dens
6 more weeks of spring winter
coming to an end?

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