happy anniversay?

happy anniversary?

there’s no power in the date
it’s just a number
so are 3, 4 and 5
and those mattered a bit

it’s been a year
how are we supposed to feel?
what are we supposed to do?

try and forget

she said, he barely remembers our anniversary! why the hell would we celebrate this?

what’s the appropriate gift after a year?
that would be nice
still waiting on that check

forgive me if I don’t eat the top tier
never agreed to this relationship

after one full rotation

They’re finally home
They couldn’t stay

so, what will You do?

she’ll paint her new walls
he’ll share that new song
she’ll light a candle to remember her mom
he’ll hold his babies close because he can
they’ll share a meal and look at the stars

think I’ll let my grass grow and go to the sea

it’s okay to mourn
or praise
or go about a normal day
because you almost can

the survivor’s rule book blew away
there was no wrong way to start
there’s no right way to remember
no way to forget

You’re here
I’m here
See me
I’ll listen
And we will travel this uneven road


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