your mail

Your mail came today

Placed with care in your broken box

Had to be the regular guy

Cause he got it right even though numbers were gone and the post was askew

It leaned against the pile

Proof of the crime

Wooden weapons mixed with remains of your life

You just missed him

Like he just missed me

Why must you leave while I get to stay?

If winds had shifted

You’d be writing these words while
I drove away

You showed me the tree in the tub of your boy

The water was off so we made our own thinking of what could have been

When he was born the welcome balloon drifted to our home by mistake

We kept it safe until you could return


You’re not coming back this time

When a heart breaks do the size
Of the pieces determine the pain?

The winds continue to blow

Lives not limbs

So many uprooted


Light is returning more everyday

May it help us see




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