pink snow


The day we emerged from our hiding places the sky was grey

A shade I’d never seen before

A shade I don’t want to see again

Doors opened cautiously

Hands went to pockets finding only useless bricks

The next day she emerged with a working one

The only one on the street

She let us make that vital call

I had not cried until I heard my mother’s voice

The relief
The fear
The joy

All came through the broken lines

Our tears mixed

Each day since the sun has shone


Today the grey came back when I got the word

I didn’t know you as well as I wish I had

Much like the neighbors that are now becoming friends


I do remember your eyes

Dark eyes that had seen so much

I only remember seeing you one time off campus

Some city festival

You were with a beautiful woman and a young child in a stroller

I saw you a few weeks ago in a meeting

You didn’t speak much

That was often true

When you spoke your words were rich with


I saw an old photo of you

So handsome

Like the guy on my favorite childhood cop show

You held a beautiful baby girl

Her hair was long and light

In another photo you were dusted with a light snow

Like the snow shoveled today from so many homes

Pink snow

As I drove home I was passed by countless cars with flashing lights

Red and blue

Racing by

I wondered how many times you had been the racer

The snow
The lights
The extra boxes by the street

At first glance you might think it was Christmas

Your loss is a heavy wound

A reminder that though the trees are few
we are not yet out of the woods

Thank you for your years of service as

law-enforcement officer

I know your family has suffered an immeasurable loss

A double wounding

It seems your life ended the way you lived it

Helping others

Thank you for the example of service

Godspeed, brother

Hope to see you on the other side



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