leaders of the soul

When we moved into our home there was an army of pines next door

Soon the lot was cleared to build a home

one tree remained

It teetered on the line

Nobody knew to whom it belonged

A homeless tree

It leaned at an annoying angle promising to fall

It’s needles stain the drive and it’s fruit clutter the lawn

We debated sending it away

Then the storm came

It should have fallen

It was weak

We didn’t value it


The wind and rain somehow made it new

No longer near failure

Now tall and strong

How can this be?

Look around

It’s not just the trees

There are some among us that were broken before the storm

They had little to lose yet still lost it all

Look to them now

They know how to live

They always knew and never forgot what we are now forced to remember

These people are easy to spot

They are calmer than most

More content than they should be

They have nothing yet their concern is for those with less than themselves

They are leaders of the soul

They know how to pick up the pieces

It’s what they have always done

Look to them now

They will lead us

And they will bring us home



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